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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cummer 3 - Inside Gazebo


Anonymous said...

I remember when Pantone 120 was the only black and white film available for 35mm film cameras and then they came out with Tri-X film which was supposed to be super fast and it was. And then Kodak and Fuji both came out with color film. And Fuji had a greenish tint to all the pictures and Kodak had a bluish tint and all of the soldiers were afraid to use either brand for fear of fading. We just believed the pictures would fade out and therefore only took a few color pictures and tried to back them up with a different camera with black and white film.

Our color film had to go to Honolulu and back for processing - a 2-week trip. By the time we got it and could compare it with our backed up black and white, we were sold, more or less, on the value of color as we soon forgot the colors of kimonos, the colors of weathered bamboo fences and things like that.

So I am never one to forsake one image over another except that color offers more than black and white ever did in Japan in 1953.

Your photography is excellent and the presentation very good.

If you have not seen a tomato horn worm lately, complete with cocoons of predator wasps aboard, then take a look if you have time.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love your black and white work, Shek! So NICE! Good job!

Ben said...

Thanks for comment on Nelson DP. I quite like what you are doing on your photographic journey. Remember, it's not the camera but the person behind is the artist. Well I have to admit the equipment helps a bit. So whatever you are going to (or already) get SLR, enjoy!

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