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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lone Fireplace Chimney

The Florida summer makes way for the Hurricane season with tremendous doses of temperature and humidity. The changing heat waves probably produce these dramatic and spotty clouds. A lone fireplace vent stands up to the test of the coming season. It prepares to keep standing more like a testament to its builder's skill against treacherous heat and winds rather than its intended function as a indoor heater. Not many people use a fireplace in Florida. Isn't that the reason they have winter homes in Florida so that they don't have to use a fireplace in the north!


Josy said...

This is a beautiful photograph, as are the rest of the ones I've seen here.

You asked me how to create a thumbnail archive. It's not particularly simple, but you don't have so many images yet that it'll be impossible for you to start. :)

First of all, I host my images on Flickr, but Zooomr works just as well and doesn't limit you to 200 images.

When you upload an image to one of these sites, the site processes it into different sizes for you. I use the "square 75x75 pixel" image that it provides.

Here is how you make an archive:

1. Create a new post. Date it prior to all your other posts (like 12/1/06 or something), which you can do at the bottom of the text box under "post options." This will prevent your new thumbnail archive from appearing on the front page of your blog.

2. In your Flickr or Zooomr account, click on the image to which you'd like to link (which will bring you to the image's own page). Click "All sizes" above the image. Go to the small square image (available on the far left of all the image sizing options). Copy the whole html code below the image.

3. Return to your new Blogger post. Paste that html into the text box.

4. Now, in order for that html NOT to link back to your Flickr or Zooomr account, you need to insert the url of the post to which you're linking. So open a new browser window, go to your website, and click on the post to which you wish to link. Copy that url.

Now, back in your new post text box, find the part of the Flickr/Zoomer html that reads

'' or ''

Delete it...

and substitute your own url (to your blog post).

5. Repeat for all your other posts. It's not too bad once you get the hang of it.

As an extra note, you might want to delete the part of the html that reads 'title="Photo Sharing"'. Otherwise, anytime anyone's cursor hovers over an image in your archive, the words "Photo Sharing" will appear, and you don't necessarily want that.

As an extra extra note, I have found that for a black and white archive, it might help to set the padding around the images at something like 11 pixels, which you can do in the 'layout--> edit html' section of your Blogger dashboard. This just makes the black-and-whiteness a little less jumbled, confusing, and overwhelming (to my eyes).

Curly said...

I see you like the black and white medium too Shek, it has a timeless quality to it.

Hurricanes have been a bit scarce the past two seasons, how is it this year I wonder?

South Shields Daily Photo

Luke said...

can't imagine living in that area, cool shot!

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