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Friday, August 24, 2007

George's Music

This is a fairly large music store on A1A (3rd street) just north of J.T. Butler. Many people have spent small fortunes here. Of special note, Springing The Blues is a large music festival in this side of the pan handle for, you guessed it, blues. They have teamed up with George's Music to present this large outdoor festival. More information here: [link]
Now, I am a hard rock kinda guy, so here is something to enjoy when I have already brought up music. In this song, the hard part of hard rock kicks in at 5 mins and 24 secs, so stay tuned and crank it up people...

Tool - Right in Two


luke156 said...

a like this style of photo, very nice!

blueboat said...

lovely, deceptively simple photo. Welcome to daily photo!

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